Yes, I Paraded.

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I've attended parades since I was a child. Float after float, marchers and dancers waving and smiling at the crowds of people. Parades conjure good childhood memories. But never have I had the opportunity to actually participate in a parade. Well, last month was pride month and the Houston Pride Parade happened on a warm and humid evening in the Bayou City. I had the pleasure of joining the ACLUTX on the parade route. I brought a video camera to capture the moment:

Pride Houston 2014

It is a strange and surreal experience to march in a parade. People scream and yell and reach out... And yet, I'm no celebrity. People loudly encourage you and smile. The air is electric and the energy of the crowds, sometimes thirty deep, propels you forward. And suddenly, even the most introverted become rock stars. You truly feel like you are part of a bigger organism. One that fosters a sort of kinship and comradery. Whatever your cause or reason, a parade is one of the most public ways to show your support. Perhaps this isn't everyone's cup of tea, but what's life without a little adventure and controversy?

As they say, if you live a life worth picketing then you're doing something right.

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