You Are So Beautiful

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Hello Dear,

         Good day to you.. :)

          I know for a fact that you are so beautiful inside and out in which I could say you're such a blessing to everybody. Please do continue to be as one for I do believe and trust you, that you can change the world through your meekness and overflowed love towards others, without expecting something in return. I may not give you everything you need in your journey in helping others but my prayers will accompany you, keeping you away from harm always and God will provides you anything you need. 

        Friend, I salute you for being such a good friend and you will always remain in heart and treasure everything like bonding moments, "kaloka" times, serious moments and the likes, I can't name it all.. hehehe :)

        All I can say is thank you and may God bless you in your endeavor so as grant all the desires in your heart. Kaloka mag-english. Edit ko to next time..

     Any grammatically errors please let me know.. wala lang feel ko lang to isulat .. hehehe :) feel ko lang din mag tag hehehehe :D .. tulungan nyo naman ako mag-edit ahahaha :D salamat naman..


Lovingly Yours,



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