You Are the light of this world!

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Young people are the hope of this nation. ~ This is a very popular quotation to every Filipino, It was written by our Nation Hero Dr. Jose Rizal. But do you still believe that in our generation right now is still the hope of our nation? I, myself asked this question to myself, being included in the said young people, are we still the hope of this nation? And if you are considered to be young, are you giving hope to this nation? Seeing people around me everyday really makes sad. Because it seems that this is just like a quotation in a book and not a reality anymore. Seeing people losing their track, their purpose is really a sad thing. But last thursday and friday, it seems that God is really answering and moving in our nation. It was our Summer Youth party with a theme of Blackout party.

And i've never seen people, young people who are filled with love and vision! Young people filled with energy and excitement to party and give praise to God. Students who wanted to see their campuses to be change! Indeed, God is real and He is moving. My heart is rejoicing everytime i see young people who discover themselves that they have a purpose, that they have a value in this world, and that they so loved by the one who created them. The topic was about being the light of this world (Matthew 5:14). Yes, you are the light of this world! But before you become the light, you must draw outside the darkness. Shine your light and let the whole world see.

Be the light to those who have darkness in their lives.

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