You Are The Love Of Your Parents!

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how much have you and I served those very parents?
ask yourself, how many times that phone will ring and you see it clearly, it says dad or mom on it
and you just put it on silent and put it back in your pocket like you didn't even see it
how many times have you felt embarrassed to walk with them cause you know somebody in the side
that's gonna look at you anf yhink O my God is that your dad? O my God is that your mom?
I ask you how many times have you not carried the shopping bags or walked behind your dad or your mom with a bop
and let them carry that bag
how many times when came home late at night? or when you weren't listening to your parents
and they told you clearly, that son don't do this! or my beloved daughter, don't do this!
did you go behind their back and do it?
how many times did you have an altercation(argument) with your parents?
and they told you off, and you shoved your shoulders and you walked off and you slammed the door
thinking you were something big! forgetting that you are transgressing in the sight of Allah
how many times have we done this? and how mant times will we continue to do it?
forgetting that Allah has commanded that it is "haram" for you and i to do such a thing
and I ask you, how many times in your life have you disrespected your mother?
and you know people give me excuses
you know what, she oppresses us or she doesn't understand, or she doesn't know..
when did you ever become such a brain box?
and when did you become so intelligent? that you knew more than your parents
by Allah these people have lived 20 or 30 more years than you and your telling me your 10 or 15 or 20 and you know more?
you're a child in a nappy no matter how old you are! because you're the love of your parents
and how dare we do such I ask you, is it worth it?
"Wallahi" have a dream have a dream that you want to achieve
but make sure that you do the "kidmah" of your parents make sure that you serve your parents
by only serving them you'll be able to attain taht dream
I swear by Allah is the only way you'll be able to attain it
there is no other way...

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