You are what you buzz! Use the Buzz Button wisely!

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The Buzz Button has been implemented on the Film Annex platform so users can "buzz" the content they like, find interesting and relevant to their own interests.

Buzzing content does NOT give you any point in the Sharing Score, and therefore in the BuzzScore. Using the social media sharing buttons such as 'Like", "Tweet" and "Google+1" do give you points.

By buzzing content, you will customize your flow and show your interests to your subscribers. We encourage you to only buzz content pertaining to your own interests and that you personally find relevant to what is important to you. You are what you Buzz!

You will also want to create interesting content for your subscribers, whether it is through blogs, videos or micro-blogs. Engaging your audience with interesting content will bring you their Buzz, which will sensibly improve your Influence Score!

The content you buzz reflects you own interests so buzz wisely!


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