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I did not only spend New Year's eve bunch eating but I was in front of our pc and watched SBS' awards festival on livestream. On LIVESTREAM! Haha with our slow internet...yes, that was very patient of me. 


SBS Awards Festival is held every 31st of December to give recognition on the dramas that worked for the station. And this year's was what everybody was anticipating since their dramas hit high ratings consistently compared to the other stations. 


And as expected, two of my favorite TV dramas, phenomenal YCFAS and It's Okay It's Love, swept what they deserved! That's why YCFAS cast were all present lol! (I haven't watched Pinocchio yet.) 


Jeon Ji Hyeon, the narcissitic Cheon Song Yi(in PH, she's named as Stefie Cheon) in You Came From Another Star, as predicted, won the highest award, Daesang

Here's the recap:


You Came From Another Star(midlength) cast got...

Daesang, Male Top Excellence, Top 10 Star Awards, Male Excellence, Newcomer Award, Best Couple, Producer Award, Netizen Award, Special Acting


It's Okay It's Love(miniseries) cast got...

Female Top Excellence, Top 10 Star Awards, Male Excellence, Special Acting, Best Couple


They even made a mashed up parody of these two which turned out really funny (or at least to those who can relate): . And pulling parodies like this means that the dramas are really popular. 


For those who have watched and loved YCFAS, I also suggest you It's Okay It's Love like what I did to @Mademoibelle . It's really a great drama (although you can't find any official trailer everywhere). Don't spoil yourself beforehand by watching fanmade videos. 

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