You can load all your ATM cards in your iPhone and use

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You can load all your ATM cards in your iPhone and use

If you have iPhone 6 or iPhone 6+ then you need not to carry your ATM card any more. Apple will provide an application in iTunes very soon. Through that app you can use your all ATM card in any transaction. This new version of iPhone will allow you to load all your ATM cards in your phone by using the “iSight” camera. Also you can load your ATM card in another phone which is already using that application and use for your purpose temporary and delete after that.

Recently we had heard that anthropological news for which Apple Company’s shared knocked down too much. Just now their news of iPhone 6 and Apple Watch makes the company’s situation better again. My doubts arise here. Everything has two sides, we know and experienced. Who will guarantee that your ATM cards details will not be hacked? Hope they will definitely provide some security in two levels, otherwise, anything can happen.

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