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A 4 Year Kid Hacked FBI's Database.

11 August, 2014
Los Angeles| A 4-year old kid from the Californian metropolis, who must remain anonymous, was arrested this morning for breaking into the internal network of the FBI on three different occasions, allegedly to gather information about his mother’s new boyfriend. Bypassing all firewalls and security systems in a matter of minutes, the young boy would have been able to access the databases of the FBI, the CIA and of various police departments to verify the identity and official records of his new stepfather.

Bill L. Lewis, the assistant director in charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles Division, announced that the accused’s young age would certainly have to be taken into account, but that “considering the gravity of the crimes he committed” and the “consequences that his actions could have on the credibility the federal authorities”, the charges had to be serious.

It is still unclear where the boy learned to use a computer, as he lives alone with his mother, who is an uneducated hairdresser possessing very little computer skills. In fact, there wasn’t any computer in the house until last Christmas, when the mother’s ex-boyfriend gave her a laptop. FBI agents are still analyzing all the data that they can muster on the PC and by interrogating the boy, to try to understand how he gathered the necessary knowledge over such a short period of time.

The gifted 4-year old may look clumsy at first, but he was a good enough hacker to beat the experts of the federal government.
According to experts, this surprising event certainly exposes a major breach in the security of the federal organization, showing the vulnerability of its system to malicious intrusions. If a 4-year old self-educated amateur can hack the FBI’s system, we can therefore assume that many foreign spy agencies or professional hackers are also easily capable of doing the same.

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