You Don’t Need A Passport To Go Where These 15 Stunning Pictures Were Taken: Gilgit-Baltistan

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Gilgit-Baltistan with its six districts is home to some of the most beautiful places that man knows, that were created by nature. Full of lush green valleys and enormous trees, that lends to the feel that you have stepped out of reality and entered a fantasy realm that people read about and can only imagine.

For those who have seen the world but not our beautiful country, they might be mistaken, thinking that these stunning images are from somewhere else.

Here are just a few of those sensational pictures that take us to the fantasy realm of Gilgit-Baltistan.



1. The beautiful fields of France – nope it’s the beautiful valley of Phander

Phander Valley

2. A village from Europe? More like a village in Gojal

Gojal village

3. Lake Tekapo in New Zealand – guess again it’s the mesmerising lake of Kurumbar

Karambar Lake

4. A river in Bosnia? Try again, this is the stunning Hunza River

hunza river

5. Lunch in the Alps – try the very serene Domial Lake

domial lake

6. A village in China? Think closer to home, Shangrila in the fall


7. British Columbia? Try Gojal and its beautiful valley roads


8. Mountainside dwellings in Italy – nope this is the gorgeous Astore valley

astore valley

9. A valley created in a Hollywood movie – take another guess – it’s the impressive valley of Mashabrum


10. Crossing in Eastern Europe – wrong again, it’s the splendid Tangier Bridge


11. The banks of a lake in Spain – more like Gupis Valley along the banks of the Gilgit River – exquisite

gupis valley

12. Splendid view of the Gupis valley – not Europe – if that’s what you thought

gupis valley view

13. The dazzling beauty of Gilgit – can’t compare it to anything


14. Venezuela – not even close – Chamachu Road waterfall

chamachu waterfall

15. Stunning beauty of Australia – not even close,  it’s the splendour of Baltistan that you see


These were just a few pictures to wet your appetite to head out to Gilgit-Baltistan. The beauty there is immense. It’s time to pack your bags and head out, wouldn’t you agree?

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