You'll Miss One Half Of Your Life If You Ignore Reading This Story (LOL): A Love Story Never Been Told - Part 1

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As a human being, we feel in love, courage, fear, hate, etc. - algergio


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❤Just a glimpse of our love story❤


I was eleven when I first feel crush or in love I don’t know how to exactly describe that feelings considering that I am too young to be involved in such a pandemic needs/wants of every individuals, I still remember her face, she’s so cute because she’s so thin at that time. Maybe it’s the reason why I was so attracted with her.

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"Coincidence or Destiny?"

Is it just a coincidence or destiny? When I first saw her, we were in the same section in grade six primary school way back 16 years ago. I didn’t know her at first but she did knew me, really? Hmm I got that stirring information from a mutual friend who happened to be my neighbor and literally her girl best friend, I was really startled. LOL :) 


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I’m a shy little guy that time which extremely divergent to who I am today (LOL). First day of school and as usual getting to know each other, most of them were my classmates back in grade three, grade four and grade five and few new faces and that includes her. And just as we normally do in our lower years, during the first week of classes our adviser teacher decided to have an election (classroom officers) this includes Mayor, Vice Mayor, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor, Personal Relation Officer, Sgt. At Arms, Muse and Prince Charming (I think this happens only in the Philippines). In addition, we were grouped into five for the janitorial schedule who were responsible to do the cleaning everyday (Mondays to Fridays) inside and outside the classroom. If I am not mistaken, we were 42 pupils in that section.

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I eventually noticed her in a short period of time because aside from being cute, she was elected as a Vice Mayor in our class. I covertly admire this little girl because of her being a noisy pupil, a little clumsy and above all she’s so cute tiny little girl, (did I really appreciate her of her attitude or that was the feeling that they called CRUSH? LOL).

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"Did she really likes me or am I just hallucinating?" 

 As days goes by, I got this question in mind, was she normally a noisy little girl or maybe she just act as if when I am around just to get my attention? No I’m not being conceited here, but I truly felt that (LOL). Maybe she had the audacity to yell even inside the class room together with her friends because she had the same feeling that I had for her and she wants me to look at her every time she makes a noise :). Well perhaps I was just assuming that time.  But then again am I correct with what I thought? Read on so you’ll know LOL.


I remember this song frequently played during those times so I'm sharing it here with you.

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During weekends, I spent time helping my mother taking care of my nephew who was less than a year old that time. Sometimes I’m bringing him with me to my friends so I can still play with them even I’m working as a part-time single parent :). What a multitasking as young as 11 I did sharpened my ability of being responsible and I felt even at my very young age I am already mature to deal with this kind of relationships.


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One time I and my neighbor (her best friend) talk to each other laughing as a normal childish behavior since we were still very young, she just slapped me on my shoulder and said “Hoy! regards daw c donna” referring to our class Vice Mayor the noisy tiny little girl :). (“Hoy! regards daw c donna”“Hey! Donna said extend her regards to you”). I smiled and replied in a flippant manner, sure tell her I rebound or even dunk.

At the end of the day, I went home and while I’m alone I just sometimes smile or even laugh not because I’m crazy but because I believe that she got crush on me too. I once asked to myself, are we compatible, do I have to take this opportunity to ask her hey can you walk with me and together we’ll find the lacking colors in our daily lives and cherish them together till we find the word Happy Ending? (LOL). Well since I’m a shy guy I took all for granted and pretended that nothing had happened or I act like I’m not affected but deep inside it hurts you know. I felt so coward when someone’s feeling is involved particularly knowing that I might get hurt at the end of the story.


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 As time passes by and by, finally we finished our primary school, we graduated in grade six. I am afraid I am not going to see her again in high school because she may be enrolled in a private school or she might move to another place for high school. Unfortunately, she enrolled into a private school and I am enrolled in a public school 3 kilometers away from the school where she was enrolled.

I should have held her hands before the sunset come so I will feel safe as the darkness filled with me and fall asleep, losing her from my sight is what I’m frightened of. - algergio

First half of the school year she visited her girl best friend a few times, we see each other but things has been changed easily maybe because what I felt for her is just like a buds of a flower over excited to bloom. By the way, where were her girl best friend enrolled for high school? Does she stop studying? Hhmmm nope, actually she enrolled in the same school where I am enrolled and not just that we were not at the same section (LOL) but her classroom was next to my classroom so I still have the chance to ask her about our grade six Vice Mayor. Hence, we were often can talk to each other during school days than weekend in fact we were neighbors.


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I know someone is reading this article looking for the names of those persons involved in this topic…LOL hehehe.. so here we go, Vice Mayor is “Mae” and her best friend is “Ai-Ai”.

There was a time I and her best friend Ai-Ai had a chance to talk, if I remember we even lasted for two hours or more in our conversation both serious and joke topics. We had the chance to have a long conversation because it was her asking for a help in their projects, which involves drawing. Since I have a small hidden natural talent in visual art so I helped her, I ended up of our conversation and I finished everything she ask for.

  So I’m keeping my things in a small pouch ready to go home since I offered her a home service and it’s for free but I don’t mind I just love helping people specially scenarios that includes doing things that they do not have the ability to do it at least perfectly. The time that I got out from their house she accompany me until I reached the roadway ten meters distance from their house and it’s already pass ten o’clock in the evening but moonlight is so friendly.

I was shocked and felt agitated for what she said to me, she said hey do you know that since we were young I have a crush on you? I looked at her eyes and not saying anything, I felt nervous I’m chilling but I managed to response to her by telling her this exact line (while pointing the moon)“my mom said, that if the star is placed very near next to the moon, it is the perfect time to be engaged to someone for a happy relationship” and she replied weee that’s an old school.

 She’s not contented she also asked me “why until now you don’t have a girl friend? You’re very kind, talented and handsome”. I said are you insane or you are just having a high fever that is why you are talking beyond reality and why don’t you answer me so I can have my girlfriend right now right here. She replied “ha! Excited? Let me think first, LOL I did nothing there were no courtship happened either.


How Do Guys Feel About A Girl Proposing? Please watch the video below.

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To be continued.




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