Younger generation is more practical than older generation

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With the advancement of technology, luxury and a palette of options available, the younger generation are naturally practically. They need not take extra efforts to a practical approach. 


  • They are optimistic and ambitious.
  • Earlier on,people fell easily for emotions wether it was for family or friends.Today's youth can equally balance emotions.

Science has made life very easy for the generation today. Accessing someone today isn't as difficult as it was earlier, when people relied on telegrams!

  • Even though the younger lot is considered to be impatient, their impatience is because they don't want to wate time.
  • The young generation wishes to explore all possible horizons.
  • Thanks to the social networking sites, younger generation is more enterprizing. Their ides are pracical.
  • Due to the adverse competition, their practical perspective leaves with no time for ethical issues like ego,arrogance,emotions etc.


  • Most of the times over smartness shown by youngers put them in trouble.
  • Older generation has seen life and hence they khow the pros and cons of every situation. They have a natural ability to do so.
  • Older geration can better judge people since they have met so many in their life.
  • Due to their over practical nature, it puts them more in dpression and hence suicide rates are more.
  • It is seen that most of the crimes are committed by the younger generation who get influence from TV and cinema.
  • At time the greed of money and publicity makes them do something they are not supposed to.
  • Older generation being more practical and intelligent can easliy point out the difference between wrong and right

  • All said and done, ageneration gap will always persist. Youngers of today will drive the word tomorrow. With the advancement of technology and ease of living, generation to come will be even more pracical and genertive!

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