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To write a decent Blog involves a lot of discipline and excellent time management skills.

If you are in a position to Blog from home on a part-time or full-time basis this can have many advantages such as no travel expenses, freedom from a Boss looking over your shoulder etc, but the temptation to crack on with housework or DIY tasks may be difficult to overcome. I would recommend a writing schedule which can take the form of a diary or calendar whatever is your personal preference and making sure you set time for your Blog with other duties around it.

One of the biggest distractions can be to spend too much time on other websites. While there is nothing wrong with playing games or updating your Facebook status, I would recommend these are restricted to a maximum of two occasions per day to fit around your Blog.

The same can be said for sending and receiving text messages. If it can wait, let it wait!

It may sound obvious, but always keep a copy of your work as re-writing your Blog is very time-consuming and annoying. If you write in the traditional note-book first way, that’s fine as you will have your hard copy, but if you type anything on a computer always save and back-up your work. Making sure you have excellent anti-virus protection is a must, but unfortunately viruses can still get through occasionally and can cause you to lose those important documents.

If possible, keep a record of your published Blogs as you go and remember to update your portfolio and Social Networks relevant to your Blog as soon as you can to avoid a backlog situation. A quick and easy way to do this may be to use a facility such as Hootsuite which enables you to post to multiple networks simultaneously.

Tips like these may seem like common sense but they can make all the difference when it comes to writing a relaxed, free-flowing Blog but maintaining standards of the highest quality.

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