Your blood type can determine your personality and traits

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Blood Type A Personality Type

Kind and compassionate individuals who put others’ interests and needs before their own. While they may seem calm on the outside, they often suffer from inner turmoil and anxiety.

People with blood type A personality are excellent listeners and make good friends. Although they get along with others quite well, it is often achieved at expense of their own balance and happiness. To be liked by others they bottle up their emotions, which takes its toll on their nervous system. It is beneficial for them to take time alone and rest well.

The best jobs for this personality type are jobs that don’t require much contact with other people like programmers, accountants, writers or librarians.

What about love? They are most compatible with their own type or AB type.

Blood Type Personality B

Outgoing and friendly, this type is people person. Unlike type A, type B doesn’t do that at expense of his own feelings and well-being, it comes to him naturally without any effort. Contact with people doesn’t wear him off and he will do great as a leader or any type of job that requires dealing with people.

Type B is highly adjustable, he can feel people. He is into body language and other methods of deciphering others. People with blood type B personality type rely on their intuition and trust themselves.

Once again, they are most compatible with their own personality type and AB. Talking about discrimination, Korean women consider men with blood type B personality not suitable for marriage due to their playful and flirty disposition.

Blood Type AB Personality

Freedom-loving AB’s are strong and rational people. They don’t worry about little things and usually can assess their life challenges without emotions getting in the way. Despite their love for freedom and independent thinking they don’t have any issues when it comes to relationships and are quite popular.

Blood Type O Personality Type

This type is described as responsible, practical and rule-conscious and organized. They make excellent leaders and their determination helps them achieve their goals. While they are usually liked by other people, they are somewhat loners and need a lot of time alone.

Typically type O is physically strong and can find success in sports.

In love they are most happy with their own type or AB type (seems like AB type is really lucky in love).

And just in case you want to change your personality type, like going from introvert to extrovert, you can! Not that there is something wrong with introverts, but just in case you want to, this audio will help you do just that.

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