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The time that it takes the energy to return will vary just as physical cycles on your earth vary; the cycle of day and night is much faster than the seasonal cycles. As that energy that you have sent out travels through its cycle, it will transmute. It will change in accordance with the energy of your soul. Any energy you send out is always linked to your soul; it’s as if it has your signature on it. The energy will return at a time when you need it; being linked to your soul, it understands your changing needs. When the energy returns, it will be in a form that is perfect for you at that particular time.
The energy that returns to you may be in physical form. It could be in the form of money if that is what you require. The original energy may have been in the form of caring for someone who needed help. When the energy returns, it will be more than what you sent out. All energy in the universe is in a process of expansion and energy that you personally activate will go through the same process. So whatever you give will come back to you and what returns will be more than what you gave.

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