Youth and Employment

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              As a person in my youth, employment is significantly a serious issue in my social and private life that cause me to go farther in my life, and change to successful and helpful person for myself and my society. The employed youths grow creatively and experienced, and increase development rate of the society. By affording youths jobs in their interest, will be facing a specialist and experienced with high efficiency generation in future.

                Employment causes good social position in a society and self confidence privately for people that their characters would grow decisively. By working you could improve your dignity, Experience, knowledge, social familiarization and of course, your economic status, which are important points of success for everybody. The people who work, and are successful in their work, could be successful people in their lifestyle as well. The hardworking and successful people make their families impacted, and they could positively impress to their family, friends and the society, and cause them dynamism. These are the positively impacted people who can share in development of their society and their country.     

                The young as the motive power of every society need to be employed to catch to their aims, improve their knowledge and experience, make successful families, walk toward a bright and different future and cause improvements of their societies and the world. The communities with less rate of unemployment, especially in youth generation are much more dynamic and active than the countries that are facing high rate of unemployment. Employment causes creativity which is one of the most important causes of developments. The today employed youths are the future specialists who will guide their society in the world. If the youths today be unemployed, means, the society will face lack of the specialists to direct the politics, economics, managerial, developments, industrial, commercial, educational, military and cultural parts of their country.

                The youths are national reservoir of every country who need to be employed to show their talent, discover their new abilities, improve their existent abilities, and take part in improvement process of their society. The youths are the most efficient part of the community that most desirable results would be achieved by their employment.

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Ahmad Shafi Raouf was born in 1990 in Herat province of Afghanistan, graduated from high school in 2008. Then started BBA in 2009 in Ishraq university of Herat city, Afghanistan. He is studying now in seventh semester as a senior, and is planning to get his masters degree. He started…

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