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We've all been there- Trawled the internet for hours finding videos, be it for inspiration or just plain entertainment. Who can resist those cute cat videos? But in all seriousness- as media professional's where is the best place to share your content. Let's be honest- we're all in it for the same reason, to get noticed. Getting your work seen is one step towards recognition of your skills. Although we don't ever admit to our own vanity we all just want to be congratulated on our work- which in most cases leads to further work in the field that we love.


So you took step one of establishing your audience- but how do you get them to see it. Vimeo- 'The home for high quality videos and people who love them.' The ethic of filmmakers and film buff's alike. Quality is key- getting to show off your films in high definition is half of the wow factor of your film right? And adverts- who wants to wait 30s to watch something you didn't choose. The widely known and popular YouTube.- owned by Google offers to ' Share your videos with friends, family, and the world'. It seems to be the teenage choice for video search. It's become the video search engine of the generation just for being convenient and simple to use. So which one do you choose?


Do you choose High Quality, Professional Set-up and no adverts? or reduced quality, Adverts and increased audience? As a film-maker I struggle to discover new ways to display my work- but also being a YouTube partner doesn't help matters... I love my Youtube channel I really do- but at the same time do i really want that high end project to get lost in that steam of 'cat playing the piano'.

I'll be sticking with both- especially for my more professional looking websites I think vimeo will be the way to go. But I'll be interested to hear where you share your films. Do comment and let me know.


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