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It is past 3 in the afternoon already! Snack time.
Good thing that there is a vendor of kakanin(native delicacy) past by.
I bought one cup of binatog (called here in Batangas- a place where I am currently living)/ bualaw (called in Mindoro where I am originally came from)
but for those who don’t know this food, it is a corn.
A whole corn either white or yellow, not the Japanese one or other called sweet corn.
Maybe you are asking if how to cook? Well, all you need to do is boil it until it’s cooked, soft or let say every grain or corn beads are broken already.
If so, put some coconut milk and sugar depends on how sweet you like it to be. Boil and stir.
Presto! It’s ready to serve. This is the way how we binatog/bualaw cook in province.
But here in Batangas, like what you can see in the photo, it has shredded coconut together with the condensed milk and sugar. It’s actually your choice if you like to put milk or not, if you like some salt too.

Do you guys eating this kind of food? Have you ever taste this?

Simple, affordable, delicious & nutritious food ^_^


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