Zaaga plow machine in Madiun

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Friends know right plow machine, this time we will introduce machine-made pirate native Indonesia precisely in the area of Madiun, East Java. This machine is called the plow Zagaa Tigers original 650 tablets of Indonesian products. Cool, right…! This tool is used to help our farmers, make it easier to plow the field in a modern way. Let's pack the farmers love and use genuine products made in Indonesia.

Creator plow machine tool is Agus Zamroni, he a native of Madison. He was directly involved in the process of making this tool. Let's find out how to manufacture. The initial process of making Zaaga plow machine begins to make a pattern first. Then create a design with precise calculation, so that the engine is working perfectly. Results of design brought to the factory to start production. The first step started by cutting the base ingredients, then cut steel plates using CNC machines. And the result will be more visible steel cutting neatly and precisely match the desired pattern. In a day of cutting steel plates produced can be used for 10 units plow machine tablets. And in a month this factory is able to spend up to 1200 large-sized steel plate. Cool the friends ....!

Collect pieces of steel plate that is so. Then wipe of steel powder and remnants of the cut. Now it's time bending process alias steel plate bending, bending super hard steel plate had to use hydraulic machine. With this machine the size of the angle and curvature of the steel plate can be set as needed. Further gets turning, no turning sprockets first point to make the engine driving the plow machine, then there is the process of turning parts of pully same function, namely to move the plow. In addition there are the manufacture of the keyway to this one using the machine sloting. Furthermore, just attach his gearbox components, apply also on cut silicon gasket engine block so that the engine oil does not easily leak. Attach axles for the wheels and tighten the bolt. After that pairs well with the chain of his gearbox components. And the last stack of the engine block to 1. And the gearbox was already finished.

And now for the engine handlebars, handlebar machine which we will create 150 cm in length according to the shape of the handlebar mall that has been made. If it fits we put electric welding. Attach the chassis front of the engine, the same way to the mall first adjust its post using electric welding. All the components plow that is so then assembled. Pairs of wheels, wheel used can only be used on the streets regular and paddy fields while later the wheels will be replaced. Attach all of the chassis and then attach the handlebars that have been made earlier. And most important of these pairs of the driving machine. Driving machine used is a direct-injection diesel engine powered a 6.5 horse power, connect the machine with porseneling. Then attach the fanbelt her to drive the engine with gearbox simultaneously.

Last post singkal or plow tools, we can dismantle singkal plug itself and can be replaced with glebek. Singkal used to plow the soil. While glebek serves to loosen the soil. The term agriculture equipment is unique friend. And here's the result plow machine Zaaga Tigers 650 results child domestic work. This machine weighs only 164 kg is still relatively mild compared with other types of plow machines. Because light is not easy to plow machine vanish when used muddy paddy fields. Another advantage of this machine is tenag and the pull is stronger and faster. To cultivate one hectare of land ready for planting this machine only takes about 14 hours. Cool, right…..! Unfortunately, not many of our farmers who use agricultural machinery made in the country. Though the price is much cheaper, kualiutas works also lost ko ga with machines imported.

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