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Though our studio has had a tricked out Zacuto Support Rig at the ready a few feet behind me, only recently had I the pleasure of stumbling upon the  Zacuto Films Original Programming series.  Zacuto has always been a go to website for the Film Annex Networks camera and filmmaking accessories needs. The series which sparked my interest and answered many of the questions I had concerning a new video camera purchase for our fashion film, interview, and general studio needs was the Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout 2012The take away for me from this 3 part series was that many of the top cameras today are so well matched, from the $500 iPhone 4s to multi thousands of dollars setups that today's online video filmmakers must grasp the fact that "it's not the camera it's the person behind the camera". We still are considering a top end camera that was part of the shootout that would enable slow motion capture, but absolutely agree with the filmmaking professionals in the series when they hammer in the point that the camera is second to the concept and execution of the project.  

I am excited that the folks at Zacuto have created a WebTV on the Film Annex platform for their web series productions. I recommend their video content very highly as a resource for fashion filmmakers, independent filmmakers, beginners, and pro's alike. If you pick up a camera to document anything then either the Emmy Award winning series FilmFellas and The Great Camera Shootout, or BTS a documentary of the making of the film 'Rising From Ashes", and Critics starring Steve Weiss and DP Philip Bloom will hold some very valuable information that can save you time, money and potential heartache in your productions. 

The first web series that we have the pleasure to introduce to you is FIlmFellas Cast 1 starring Philip Bloom (DP), Peter Hawley (Chair, Flashpoint Academy), Steve Weiss (Dir, Zacuto product co-designer), and Steven Dadouche (DP). "The eclectic cast of filmmakers cover such topics as: learning your craft, building a body of work and finding mentors in the industry. The Fellas wrap up Season 1 by elaborating on the dynamics of the collaborative process, directing styles, editing and the importance of creating your own unique filmmaking style." 

“As long as I can remember, I wanted to be a filmmaker”, if this is your mantra, then you’ve got to see FilmFellas". Models WebTV agrees 100%



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