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Recently, there has been a clash between border guards of Iran and Pakistan. The incident was a local mistake emerged out as a group of terrorists had attacked an Iranian patrol & in the confusion, Iranians fired at the Pakistani patrol. Both governments are trying to handle the crisis but we have also decided to send an open letter to the Iranian government. 


Dear brothers in Iran, 

This is with reference to the latest clash between Pakistan and Iran on the Baluchistan border. This is most sad, unfortunate event between two brothers, which could have been avoided, should never have taken place. It is based on confusion, misunderstanding and lack of communication between the two brothers and only our mutual enemies – Jews, Takfiri Khawarij and Hindus will benefit from it. 

There is absolutely NO truth in the assumption that Pakistan is supporting any terrorism inside Iran. Why should Pakistan do that ?? 
Pakistan is suffering from most violent terrorism itself in Baluchistan but we have NEVER blamed Iran. We know that the problem is in Afghanistan where BLA, Khawarij and CIA are based waging a war against both Pakistan and Iran. 

If Iran feel that Pakistan was not doing enough to check these attacks, then the solution should be that we form a joint border patrol and collective security arrangement where both brother countries should guard the borders together instead of accusing each other and attacking and even killing. 

Pakistan does NOT feel any threat from Iran. We don’t have a single regular army soldier along Iran border. Pakistan is already under attack from all sides – Khawarij, BLA, CIA, Afghan army and now serious war threats exist on East against India also. We in Pakistan are seriously preparing for a war against India as diplomatic and military moves by Indian PM Modi are provocative and dangerous. 

In these times, Pakistan would be a total fool to start any problems for its western brother Iran. Iran must understand that Pakistan is passing through a very dangerous and difficult phase of its life. There is serious political turmoil in Pakistan and the whole country is in total confusion. Pakistan army is the only institution left standing fighting a difficult war against multiple enemies. 

In these times, we expect Iran to show patience and understanding towards Pakistan. Using harsh language, attacking at the para military forces or sending in threats would only help our common enemies. 

Pl advice Iran’s foreign office and border forces to show restraint. They should make an official visit to Islamabad and deal directly.

With salam and dua for the Ummah and Muslims of Iran and Pakistan. 

Zaid Hamid

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