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Mr.Zardari, who used to make party decisions from Dubai, who love to live outside Pakistan, owns ""Surrey Palace" and Swiss accounts made from Pakistani looted rupees, who came back to Pakistan before every elections and hides after getting seats from Pakistan, who and his party are solely responsible for the downfall of Karachi, who m party has 1% representation in Karachi but they rule it, under whom Karachi has witnessed the worst ever governance, whose ministers are now billionaire and live outside Pakistan, the one who scared to come Pakistan under the Army Chief Gen Raheel Sharif.
Yes, Mr.Zardari we won't become fool this time. Every time you got vote on the cheque of the martyrdom of Benazir Bhutto and this time you are launching your beloved son who was "immature" once and now within a year giving us a lesson of accountability.
The truth is Karachi isn't even going to welcome you and not happy to see you back in Karachi. Yes, the truth is those jiyala's who were doing dance on airport has nothing themselves to show, your party convinced them to come airport. Our (Karachites) only mistake is that we relied on the remaining votes from Sindh. We can only get punish of the votes given to PPP in rural Sindh.
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A feudal, Wadera, Sarpanj critique...
A truly Karachite. :'(


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