Zayn... Out Of One Direction!?

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Recently has been passing a lot of rumors about Zayn and his relation with Perrie. But something has deleted that rumor with a new one but... no.... it's not a rumor... IT'S CONFIRMED.

Zayn from One Direction it's leaving the band!

Its incredible how this happening when everyone was thinking that the first in leave 1D would be Harry because He was trying news CD's for a single, but it just was a mistake, the first integrant who leaves the band is Zayn, all the directioners are so depressed by the New, but none can do nothing, is Zayn's decision and nothing will change, all the directioners have to accept it... Zayn Is not anymore an integrant of 1D.

***There is rumoring the real reason why Zayn leaves 1D, If you wanna know, i will blog it... Only If this Blog gets 5 Buzzes***

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