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ZEUSHASH.COM opened its doors about two months ago and offers Bitcoin and Litecoin cloud mining lifetime contracts. ZEUSMINER / ZEUSHASH made and delivered one of the first Scrypt Asic miners to customers all around the world and have a great background in the mining industry. The mining contracts you can find on ZEUSHASH.COM come with a great price per GHS / MHS. 1 GHS currently costs $0.889 and 1 MHS costs $15.99. 1 GHS / MHS is the minimum purchase. This makes it great to try cloud mining for people with a small budget as well. ZEUSHASH.COM accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin and bank transfer payments. They are considering adding more cryptocurrencies to pay with in the future.

If you decide to buy GHS / MHS from ZEUSHASH.COM just create an account and sign into their service. Once signed in the first thing you see is either the option to buy GHS or MHS. Choose the one you prefer and the amount of GHS / MHS you want to buy, fire up your Bitcoin / Litecoin wallet or bank account and send your coins / money to the stated adress given by ZEUSHASH.COM. What we really like is that unless other cloud mining companies ZEUSHASH.COM only needs 3 confirmations to confirm your transaction if you pay with coins, this ensures you to start mining as soon as possible! ZeusHash cloud mining nodes are strategically located in Asia, Europe and America. Your node will be instantly activated no matter where you are. If at one point you crave for more GHS or MHS you can easily reinvest with your current account balance or fund your account again via QR code or adress. ZEUSHASH.COM pays out daily at around 8am-9am(UTC +8). They do deduct a maintenance fee which sits currently at $0.0023 per day for 1 GHS and $0.059 for 1 MHS. The fees will be deducted and displayed separately under balance record in your account dashboard. The fees may be lowered when they manage to further cut down their costs or they aquire more cost-efficient miners. You are able to withdraw your current balances at any given date or time by easily clicking withdraw on your account dashboard. Usually it is only a matter of minutes or an hour until the withdraw goes trough to your wallet. The withdrawals come with a network fee of 0.0001BTC for BTC withdrawals and 0.001LTC for LTC withdrawals. You have the option to set up the Google Authenticator to make your account / withdraws as safe as possible, we highly recommend you to activate this feature, if you decide to not do so everything is at your own risk! The e-mail authenticator is automatically activated and secured by e-mail authentication. All your actions on ZEUSHASH.COM will and have to be confirmed by yourself on your e-mail account. ZEUSHASH.COM as well offers a very good refferal system which we encourage you to use. For less than 5 refferals you get 6% of their first purchases, for 5 to 30 refferals you get 8% of their first purchases and for more than 30 refferals you get 10% of their first purchases. The rewarded hashrate will be calculated automatically after the referred users complete their orders. The free hashrate will be shown in Trade History with the type of “Referral”. If you encounter any problems just contact the support, they will help you in a friendly manner and usually respond within hours!

The dashboard is easy to understand, which helps cryptocurrency newcomers as well as seasoned cloud miners. It consists of the register trade / buy in which you can easily buy GHS / MHS and see the current 24 hours mining Income and your buy / trade record. As well it displays the current discounts, which are by the way pretty awesome no matter if you are a big or small investor! Moving on to the register Account you see a graph of your current BTC / LTC balance as well as having the option to fund or withdraw your balance. The balance record which consists of your payouts and maintenance fee deductions is at the very bottom, every payout is easy to read and comprehend. In this particular register you also have the option to activate the Google Authenticator. Furthermore in the same register you can click on Hashboard to see your global rank, local rank and refferal rank. Simply click on champions to see stats around the world and top users of ZEUSHASH.COM. In the Hashboard register you also can activate various Hashbuffs like extra hashrate, no maintenance fees and double payouts. Moving on in the dashboard we get to the register Hashcode. What is Hashcode you may ask? Hashcode is a simple way to buy GHS / MHS from affiliated ZEUSHASH.COM vendors, this gives you the option to buy contracts on ZEUSHASH.COM with other payment methods such as PayPal, iDeal and many more! Once you purchased a contract from an affiliated ZEUSHASH.COM vendor you get a activation code which you can activate within seconds in the Hashcode register. Last but not least we have the register News, where you can stay up to date with everything regarding ZEUSHASH.COM and a forum on which you can share thoughts and ideas with fellow ZEUSHASH.COM cloudminers.

We strongly believe ZEUSHASH.COM is an aspiring cloud mining service, here to stay and to give you the best possible cloud mining expirience! We truly can recommend them if you are on the hunt for a reliable cloud mining expirience which does not let you down!


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