Zimbabwe Cricket Uniform Today!

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It's red and gold day as I change outfit to Team Zimbabwe's Cricket uniform! I couldn't locate anything that could possibly good for the avatar than the cricket bat and the red stilettos. So far, there's no new accessory added into the shop. I am wondering as to when will they be adding new avatar accessories. As of this point, I am saving some gems and some earnings on my account for those things coming up but it seemed like there's no special world event coming up in the next weeks so it looks like they won't be adding new ones to the shop yet.

So how's your avatars today dears? I hope you had let them wear new costumes. It's refreshing to see our avatar change like a normal human being from this costume to another.

By the way, the uniforms are all free at this point in the shop so I guess everyone has the opportunity to get them at no cost. Have fun pairing them up together with the shirt, bottom and the head gears too!

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