“Zoo” an enjoyment place

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There are so many zoos in our country. They have many kinds of animals and many species of birds are present. All the kids liked the zoo a lot.

They are the most entertaining places for the children and the elder people also loved to go to such places. The zoos are fully decorated and have the grass grounds for the sitting of people and for the playing of kids.


The zoos have some different environment. The animals of various kinds are caught from all over the world and then placed in the cages. It saves the wild animals from any sort of inconvenience and some species which are going to finis.

The animals are cared and placed in cages to save them from any harm or danger. They are given good food and water according to their needs. Cages are kept clean by regular cleansing.

Birds of same kind are in the same cages. The cages are open containing little holes.

People that come to these zoos also offered food items to animals. The kids like to make pics with them everybody feels relax and enjoyed that place. I also visit such kind of a zoo in my home town. That was an awesome visit.

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