Zumba Benefits

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Zumba claims to be an all over body workout, and you definitely engage your entire body with the range of moves. 

I found myself working my legs, arms, waist and abs, and the songs changed in pace which meant I was training in fast and slow intervals too. Ultimately, I was getting a great cardio workout that was burning up a lot of energy while using my whole body.

In order to get the most out of a Zumba workout you’ve really got to put in the effort. You control how much you put in – as a result, if you’re not giving 100 per cent you might not feel like you’re getting a proper workout. 

“There are no levels in Zumba – classes are open to everyone. It’s up to the individual how hard they would like to work,” Kaldawi says. “I’ve had various students achieve different results in the same class – some have burnt 300 calories and some have burnt 800 calories.”

The more familiar you become with the moves, the easier it is to put in more effort and ultimately get more out of your Zumba session. 

One of the best parts of Zumba is the fact it is fun, and if you go with some friends you’ll definitely laugh your way through the hour. There was a range of different people in my class and nobody seemed to be judging anyone or worrying about their level of experience – they were just focusing on having a good time.

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