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I'm a young filmmaker based out of Indiana. I just finished college receiving a marketing degree and have only been shooting for a couple of years. However, I jumped in full force and currently work full-time at a production house.

I like to spend a ton of time on personal projects as they are meaningful to me. I also enjoy all aspects of film- shooting, editing, coloring, scoring, and doing sound design. My hope is to continually push myself with the few tools that I have.

My purpose can be summed up in:

I strive to engage and connect with people on an intimate level.

I accomplish this using images, sounds, and emotions.

You can view the films I make here.

I am trying to figure out the best way to tell stories with images and sound. I definitely have stumbled along the way and have a long way to go- but it's an endless pursuit of trying to paint emotions with these mediums. I'm still young and probably arrogant in thinking I have it all figured out. With each project I realize how much I don't know and can't portray. Filmmaking is a challenge- and I'm along for the journey.