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Cláudia is a filmmaker, artist, editor and tutor based in London. Cláudia directed many films including 2 full-length features [‘Nights’ won ‘The critic’s week award’ in 2000 at the Venice Film Festival, and ‘Us’ was awarded in Locarno]. Cláudia worked in professional film from 1995 to 2003. Since then she traveled, studied scriptwriting, software, media arts, locative narrative, interactive performance, did site specific, online projects.. In 2006 she founded HOLON film LAB, a hub for collaborations, creative education and to produce low budget films and other projects. Since then Cláudia does micro films on digital, working independently with the aim of creating a holistic, organic and quotidian art. In Nov 2009 Claudia set up MICRO FILMS web tv at FilmAnnex to distribute her films online and had a hit of over 1 million views! With the revenue she produced and distributed her first web film series LONDON GROUND. Currently Claudia works as an independent freelance editor and filmmaker and she teaches Digital filmmaking and Creative Editing at V&A Museum and Space Studios.