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I was born in Afghanistan Kabul city at 1992 I am graduated from high school, and it has a long story I went to IRAN with my family when there was war in Afghanistan we were in IRAN for 15 years. My father worked hard and he paid for my school, for my club and courses. when Afghanistan got its peace and freedom from enemies especially fu**ing Taliban we return to our country in 2010. Unfortunately there was no any job. So I went to Kandahar Provence to (KAF) Kandahar air field I joined with US army as a interpreter because I wanted to help US army and my country's people to beat enemies I worked with Fury one Air born 82 second for one year them my lieutenant Mr dill went back to america so I resigned from my work and i came back to Kabul and I went to college to study computer science,I studied computers programs at Azarakhsh center too, and I studied English language in Muslim institute to speak with world about my country. I want to tell them Afghans don't want war any more. So I am a boy who is really interested in sports and writing,I fill my free time on writing topics about peace and sports in Afghanistan I wish i find good friends to read about it.I love my country Afghanistan..

Thank you lets make peace.