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Filmmakers » Director, Director of Production, Editor, Writer

… multimedia artist active in the field of art since 1985. She made a number of video-films, fine art installations and performances. Her first video-film was shot 1992 and since then eight more.. March 2010 she finished a screenlay for the new one… “Echoes of Time and the River”, which production, according to the circumstances will last at least two years. And most probably the title will be changed too. Inspiration: one and the only..music ……Bach, Monteverdi, Purcell, Handel, Shostakovich, Crumb, Messiaen, Ligeti, Gubaidulina and many others………….

Golden Bird Award, for her multimedia activities in 1994

Bronze Bear Award for video-film The Visitor at the 1996 Festival der Nationen in Austria;

The Best Video-Film Prize for video-film Taiga at the Slovenian film festival 1997

Sphinx Award for her video opus at the 2nd Videomedeja International Video Festival 1997 in Novi Sad YU

The Best Art Video-Film Prize for video-film Homo Erectus, at the Slovenian Film Festival 2001

Best of Show - Gold Remi Award 2001 as best Experimental Short for Homo Erectus at Worldfest-Houston USA 2001

Best Short Experimental Award for Homo Erectus at New York International Independent Film Video Festival 2002 USA

Gold Remi Award film Phantom in category Film&Video Art at Worldfest Houston2004
Spirit of Moondance Award …Phantom winning film of Moondance International Film Festival Boulder Colorado2004

Prešeren Fund Award……State Award for experimental film Le Grand Macabre 2008

Best Experimental Feature… film “For the End of Time” at New York International Independent Film Video Festival 2010

Hydra, 1993
The visitor, 1995
Taiga, 1996
Station 25, 1997
Menhir, 1999
Homo Erectus, 2000
Phantom 2003
Le Grand Macabre 2005
For the End of Time 2009
Echoes of Time 2013

Nostalgic Cut, 1985
Party, 1987
Black cave, 1988
Replicants, 1989
Mankurt I. 1990
Mankurt II. 1991
Uneasiness in front of the mirror image, 1993
Taiga, 1995
Station 25, 1996
Menhir, 1998
Homo Erectus, 2000
Supranova 2004
Introitus ,..or Kubrick was a wise man, 2006
Lontano, …or What would Robert Wilson do, if…., 2007
On the Edge of Darkness 2009
Kripton 2011
Adagio 2012