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I am Hattie Pittam. I'm from the small town of Shrewsbury but currently living in Stoke-on-Trent for university. I study media (film) production at Staffordshire.

Entertainment. Escapism. Enjoyment. Film to me is those things and so much more, it is a world of vision. It's a way of telling a story without having to use words. It's as if your imagination could be playing out in front of you. A dream projected in front of your eyes, something you can escape to; and this is why I want to dedicate myself to learning the skills to be able to create such a vision that will give an audience that escapism that so many of us enjoy when we watch a film. I want to make my mark on the film industry; and I will, through a media that encourages creativity and personality to create films that allow me to make that mark.

Film is something people take for granted. They sit down, put on a film and watch and that's it. They don't tend to think about how much time and effort and skill have gone in to it. I know that, because that used to be me, until I thought 'what was going on behind the camera?' and from that little thought sparked off something that has inspired me to look at film in a different way. It has inspired me to want to know about every aspect to fuel my knowledge and understanding of the great art of film making. It's not enough any more to just watch a film; I want to know all the aspects. I am determined that one day I could be behind that camera.