1984 Olympics Fencing Men Saber

Uploaded on Friday 24 September 2010


1984 Olympics in Fencing in Men's Saber. This is the apocryphal Olympic footage from Los Angeles, 1984, which features the United State's Peter Westbrook winning the Bronze Medal. It also contains the epic 12-11 bout where France's Lamour won the Gold versus Italy's Marin. A lot has changed with sabre since 1984 -- no more crossovers and fleches, for one. But this is also pre-electric; the referees (one director and four side judges) are wearing bow-ties. Bouts are fenced to 10, and when a touch is scored, it's scored against a fencer: A 10-5 score means the fencer with 10 has lost. Fencers get a one-meter warning (and use it) when they reach the end of the strip. Fencers change sides at 5 touches. After a series of simultaneous actions, priority is assigned via a flipped coin. t was a different world back then -- one foot seemingly still on the Titanic, when semi-Edwardian dinosaurs still dressed expensively to attend sporting events. But nowhere is the "old way" more clear than with the formalized tactics of the fencers.

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