Uploaded on Tuesday 15 November 2011


The area of mathematics is just an extent of conventionality, where we treat the idea, so, what he writes, actually does not make a big sense. For us the board becomes an interactive visual illustration –it’s like a marker of his not measured, anxious soul, that tries to escape to the light. That’s why the film is called "2Dsoul" .
The board is like a window into his world. All around him is shouting that the world is magically wonderful, that everything, that surrounds him, is more alive than what he sets in life priorities. (For example, the scene of the erasure and jokes with the letters). But the hero tries to ignore it all, he continues struggling with the things that are, in fact, not so important, he tries to assert himself with his own activities. He did not expect such a discovery. The changing of life values has touched the hero once and forever. He was finally able to see what others do not notice. He just understood and realized that. The comprehension came to him irreversibly.
Those things, that really have power, sense and truth, can’t be said. You can only feel it. You can’t paint a picture of a great artist in the sand.


Language: English

Length: 6:00

Country: Russian Federation

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