90DX Full Body Exercises

Uploaded on Wednesday 3 October 2012


James Sherman demonstrates fully body exercises from his 90 Day Extreme Workout.

The 90 Day Extreme Workout uses a two pronged approach that's ruthlessly effective and, perhaps more importantly, easily sustainable on a daily basis long after you're done – no more gaining back the weight right after you stop. The first half of the battle is to create a clear mental picture of your daily caloric intake, a seemingly impossible task given the problematic frequency of meals grabbed on the go or eaten out in a city as busy as New York, but one that's easily remedied by the use of free online food journal. Given my estimated burn rate of 3100 calories per day, my daily consumption target was 2500 hundred calories. When maintained over the course of a week, that amounts to a 4200 calorie deficit, or over two pounds of body weight. Add on the additional calories burned during training, and the numbers more than double. With 8000 calories to play with, I didn't have to drastically alter my lifestyle, either – I drank at work events during the week and eat hamburgers while watching football, and still I was getting in the best shape I'd ever been in.


Language: English

Country: United States