Uploaded on Thursday 9 September 2010


"A DANGEROUS WOMAN", is a dark,erotic thriller revolving around a set of characters, that are never what they seem.John Garfield an Ex-Cia Agent,becomes involved with Angel, the girlfriend of a drug dealer, who he falls in love with and intends to save.As the story evolves, we watch as her boyfriend becomes involved with the South African Drug Trade, two FBI Agents have their own agenda to get the drug money and Angel uses her body to seduce John into helping her escape before their time runs out together.Written, Produced, Directed by Lawrence Gamell,Jr.( "Ray", "I Love You Phillip Morris). Gamell shoots the film in the styling of "Film Noir" and adds a texture and feel to a dreamlike setting.



Language: English

Length: 44 MIN.

Country: United States