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DEFC (Documentary & Experimental Film Center)

DEFC (Documentary and Experimental Film Center) is the main center for production, distribution and promotion of fiction, documentary, animation and experimental films in the Middle East.
During last years, we have produced and promoted also the first and second long feature films of young, talented cineastes, among them: “Bitter Dream” ( Mohsen Amir Yousefi) 2 prizes in Cannes 2004, quinzen des realisateurs and selected and won prizes in more than 40 international film festivals; and “Writing on the earth”
( Ali Mohammad Ghasemi ) selected in Venice 2006 Critics’ Week and in more than 10 international festivals.
DEFC produces about 25 long feature and 300 short films per year.
In Iran, annually about 80 feature and 2500 professional and amateur short films are produced.
Right now, DEFC co-produces documentary projects and features with foreign producers and TVs.
DEFC provide film festivals, film markets, TV Channels, theaters, universities, institutes and other organizations, which are interested in Iranian fiction, documentary, animation, experimental and feature films.
We are also interested in buying documentary and short films from other countries.

DEFC has organized "The French Documentary Film Panorama" ( 2003 ),
"Dutch Documentary Film Panorama" ( 2004 ) and the" Palestinian and Lebanese Documentary Film Panorama" ( 2003 ).

Documentary & Experimental Film Center (DEFC) organizes "Cinema Vérité" Iran International Documentary Film Festival, in Tehran- Iran.
The festival tries to express the relationship between reality and truth through documentary films.

The 4th edition was held on October 15th -19th, 2010, Tehran-Iran.

For more information please contact us:
Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC)

Shafi Agha Mohammadian, Managing Director

Shirin Naderi, Head of International Business & Marketing

Leila Hosseiny, International Affairs & Festival Coordinator

No. 15th, Ghandi SQ (Palizi), Shariati Ave.
Tel: 0098-21-88511326
Fax: 0098-21-88528318


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