Ali Baba Against the Seven Saracens

Uploaded on Wednesday 14 November 2012


Ali Baba and the Seven Saracens (also known as Sindbad Against the Seven Saracens) from the Clash of the Olympians 12 movie set/Warriors 50 movie set from Mill Creek Entertainment was a goddamn train wreck and not because of Mill Creek. 15 seconds into the film and it jumps forward into the first scene because of print damage. The image has heavy grain, dirt and wear but where else are you even going to see this film? What begins is one of the worse dubbing jobs I have ever heard. Seriously.
So, Ali Baba aka Sindbad returns to his homeland to find Omar, a tyrant, in control with his first in command Sharif. Yes, they did name the two bad guys Omar and Sharif as in the Egyptian actor Omar Sharif. Sigh. Anyways, Ali Baba is hiding out in the jungle awaiting the “call of a jackal” to signal his triumphant return to the city. You might be wondering: What does the call of a jackal sound like? It sounds like a shitty wolf yowl. So, with the ‘call of a jackal’ the rebels run through the wilderness and get ambushed by Omar’s men. Back at Omar’s fortress we meet the Seven Saracens. No, they aren’t important, except to give the title a meaning. A soldier comes up and tells Omar of Ali Baba’s rebels in the jungle, so he sends a group of men out to help capture Ali Baba. We return to Ali Baba fleeing through the desert just as the horsemen close in on him. Right before being captured, a young hussy, named Fatima, herds Ali Baba into a cave. They talk, it’s boring, there is a kiss. I get re-engaged with the film when Fatima and Ali Baba happen to walk out of the cave just as Omar’s troops happen upon the scene. Yep, the hero gets captured less than 20 minutes into the film. The rest of the film meanders, Ali Baba meets a halfling and the halfling wanders through a bunch of secret passages and attempts really lame slapstick. There is a pretty cool ending chariot fight.


Language: English

Length: 1:20:11

Country: United States

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