Altitude Digital Gives Back to Colorado

Uploaded on Monday 25 February 2013


In this video, Jeremy Ostermiller explains how his company, Altitude Digital, helped out a fellow Aurora native in need. The Altitude Digital team helped refurbish Ashley Moser’s apartment in January. Moser was a victim of the 2012 Aurora shooting and was left paralyzed in the attack. She had been unable to return home because her apartment was not accessible.

The Altitude Digital team primarily helped to purchase and install flooring throughout Moser’s home. The new floor, combined with kitchen and bathroom renovations, mean that Moser can come home.

Ostermiller said, “Now she’s able to come home and have a safe place where she can live.” The Altitude Digital team normally spends their days focusing on advertising optimization and running their video ad business. However, when it comes to Colorado, they’re ready to give back.


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