Anne Hathaway Calls me CUTE! Watch Until the End!

Uploaded on Friday 23 January 2015


I love, love, love Anne Hathaway! She’s always been sweet and down-to-earth! The last time I interviewed the Oscar-winning actress was for “Les Miserables” and her humble and gentle demeanor was very evident in the piece.

And so I was happy to talk to Hathaway last week for her new movie “Song One” now out in theaters and on-demand! Check it out! It’s a lovefest for the indie music scene from writer/director Kate Barker-Froyland.

The quality of the satellite of our interview wasn’t that great so I chopped the interview in different sections. This one is just cute! Hathaway calls me cute! Even up until the end when the cameras stopped rolling, you could hear her say, “He’s soooo cute!” That made my day!


Language: English

Country: United States