Apparently scary but innocent animals

Uploaded on Sunday 8 October 2017


I have made this video to tell you people about such animals which look scary and humans begin to afraid of them and try to kill them or escape from them. But in reality, they are not dangerous for any human.

In this video, I have explained 5 such animals which look so scary that people get frightened at their very first sight but they do not know the reality of these animals that I why they are afraid of them.

I have explained about milk snake which is red in color and people are afraid of them because it is a snake but this snake does not harm humans.

Similarly, I have explained about the vampire bats which suck blood and people are afraid of them, but humans should not worry because, in reality, they do not attack any human. They feed on small animals blood.

Similarly, I have explained about goliath birdeater, Manta Ray and Vultures.

Hopefully, You will enjoy to watch it and take measures to protect these animals as many of them are on the verge of extinction.


Language: English

Country: United States