Arrive 11 - Showreel/Sting

Uploaded on Sunday 9 December 2012


This is the showreel to accompany a selection of films screened in March 2011.

This sting was put together as part of the Staffordshire University "Arrive 11" student screenings.

The following films were featured:
Jon White - Play Again
Ciaron Craig - It's Been a While
James Parsons - Eat. Sleep. Repeat
Jake Hiorns - Palindrome
Ewan Dyer - Sundae
Joe Winchcombe - Insomniac
Andy Salamonczyk - Dear Father
Bec Cranswick - Paint
Benjamin Guy - Imagination
Matt Pearson - Thundercloud
Rich Tiernan - Time Unspent
Once Upon a Time - DeeDee Carey


Language: English

Length: 01:37

Country: United Kingdom

Creative Commons License

Arrive 11 - Showreel/Sting by Jon White is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.