Art Exchange Cebu Video

Uploaded on Tuesday 18 October 2016


Thank goodness for instagram that I was able to join this once in awhile activity which I had been eyeing for months and months now. Gladly, the Craft Central had finally selected Cebu as their event spot.

It was a day of inspiration and learning, Art Exchange gathers crafters of all mediums to share their knowledge about their art and to showcase their talent through: Workshops, Art Demo and Maker's Market. It couldn't get better than this.

The event featured capsule classes, intensive workshops, free art demos and a Maker’s Market, Art Exchange will surely inspire both beginners and experienced crafters alike to hone their craft and pass on the passion... Every art enthusiast of course will have eyes on this specific event.

It was a great opportunity to see personally these people who are active in this specific line of business as well as being able to open my eyes to something which is is something unrelated to computer. With this craft, one can take a break out of the digital world and reconnect to the world of kawaii and worthwhile artmanships.

I never regretted coming and being able to really see personally the art available plus meet with the main makers of these cute stuff! We were even able to bring something home with us which will serve as our souvenir for this special art event!

Hope you enjoy the video!

Video was taken by me and the music was by JP - We Have The Most Fun


Jean Beltran-Figues
Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.


Language: Music

Country: Philippines