Asheville, Urban Renewal...and Beer?

Uploaded on Tuesday 30 November 2010


Last week we shared with you the fact that Asheville, NC shares the title of Beer City USA.  This week, The Guys return to Asheville to take a closer look at what makes this possible - not just for Asheville, but for any city.  As it turns out, Asheville is even more special than we realized, with a concerted effort by civic leaders in past years to re-invest in downtown areas of the city.  Add to that an emphasis on culture, arts, and CRAFT (as in, Craft Beer!), and you find that the “If you build it they will come” (and drink, eat, enjoy culture, and dance) model works very, very well.   Asheville is living, working, money-earning proof.  Join us for a salute to the leadership and faith of Asheville-ians in their very special city.  Cheers!


Language: English

Length: 3:53

Country: United States