Uploaded on Monday 2 September 2013


With our undergraduate students we have 3 courses in film production. They are Media/Film Production, (our longest running from the 1970's) Experimental Film Production and Advertising & Commercial Film Production

Roberta Spain who made ASL graduated from our Experimental Film Production degree. This film though not experimental in genre or fitting into contemporary video art, shows what experimenting was to her. The development of this film came from work of lotte reiniger and her use of silhouttes. The experimentation came in producing a work using the famous silhouttes of the past and also the more recent work of the Apple products but also taking on a controversial subject to show that vision with.
This created a visually stimulating film that touched you and also warned you.
This film showed that though graduating with Experimental Film Production Roberta had learnt about all 3 of the areas we have courses in.

ASL won Best Entertainment at the Student Royal Television Awards 2012.


Language: English

Length: 04:29

Country: United Kingdom