Beauty - Video Shoot Productions

Uploaded on Monday 24 December 2012


The main task of the video is to display an image of a model by highlighting the natural beauty of emotions through detailed close up shots.

For the accomplishment of this task, we had to find a way to somehow capture the head of the model in a fixed position, which is particularly difficult, since in extreme close up head shots, natural head movements result in a loss of focus.

Therefore, we constructed a special design, which involved the use of two tripods and a special frame. With this frame, throughout the filming process, the model's head was able to remain in a stable and static position.

In addition, we spent a lot of time working on establishing optimal lighting conditions. We had to create just the right illusionary shot that would clear of any possible mirror reflection of objects in the model's eyes.

In this video, I wanted to portray the natural beauty that is inherent in every woman, through the depiction of our model Elmira at REDmodels. She most certainly has it all! She’s an open, wonderful and a bright person. Her beauty is not just blank list, rather, you can see - temper, attitude and manners. And further, by using your imagination, you will notice the insane charisma of a model, which creates a moment of good and quality piece of art. In thisi video, you feel that drive, energy, and perhaps even a little bit of Elmira’s freakiness. That’s what I love the most about the shooting process - that there are no limits, no boundaries and no rules. Art is defined by your belief & passion. And this is my passion – to express myself by creating unpredictable and amazing content.


Language: English

Length: 03:02

Country: United States

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