Beyond The Grave/Pilot Episode

Uploaded on Thursday 15 July 2010


Documentary Series

Beyond The Grave is a proposed docu-series focusing on the pursuit of supernatural hauntings and paranormal phenomena. The 9th webisode of "Beyond The Grave TV" was shot as a potential pilot for the Space Channel. There was no funding involved and the entire episode was shot by the crew using a combination of their own personal gear and borrowed equipment.

The main characters, Drew Wilson and Matthew Gardiner, are both recent graduates from film school, and are on a mission for answers. Drew is seeking resolution in his life after his many childhood experiences with the paranormal, while Matthew is seeking to understand that which cannot be seen. Through their experiences at film school they were able to gain the skills that will be used in their mission. Matthew and Drew were also able to assemble a crew who also share the same passion.

Some other crew members include: Justine Lewis, a young woman who is learning to harness her abilities as a medium. Chris MacIsaac, who specializes in digital photography, trying to capture paranormal phenomena with his lens, and Nicholas Rushton follows the crew with his video camera and records their activities.


Language: English

Length: 12:06

Country: Canada