Bikini Bloodbath

Uploaded on Thursday 30 June 2011


The one that started it all Folks! This is the trailer for Bikini Bloodbath. During it's release the illegal downloading was so rampant that this film was being downloaded more than Hollywood films like Charlie Wilsons War and other titles. With International distribution with Uwe Boll's company to it's strong sales in retail stores, netflix and video on demand as well as several successful theatrical screenings, The Bikini Bloodbath Trilogy is one of the more popular ongoing low-budget indie horror series around. This film stars Debbie Rochon and Sheri Lynn. Also the first two Bikini Bloodbath films were among the last films to be played at the famous Pioneer Theater in New York City. Over the years the series has starred cult icons like Lloyd Kaufman, Debbie Rochon, Rachael Robbins, Carmine Capobianco and others. The plot is as follows. jenny is having a year end party to celebrate her high school graduation. A Killer Chef is on the loose and attacks everyone at the party. One of the girls escapes to a Hitler themed taco restaurant named Das Taco. the End.


Bikini Bloodbath Carwash was named the "#1 Ridiculous(ly Awesome) Horror Movie Titles of all time in 2010 by By Mark H. Harris, Guide


Language: English

Length: 1m

Country: United States