Birthday Dinner at Simply J's

Uploaded on Monday 6 February 2017


On the 31st of January, my husband and I had our dinner buffet at Simply J's buffet restaurant as a simply celebration of my birthday, I won't be mentioning my age here as I don't want to sound old. What I have here are some video snippets of what had occurred during that night.

The buffet restaurant is located in Escario Street, Cebu City which is just walking distance from the office so there was no problem locating it in the first place.

I initially thought it would be a solemn evening and that we will be able to eat peacefully and enjoy the location but unfortunately, the restaurant was jam packed! I should have known that there's a mini kids party being held at the restaurant, we should have gone to another place but we already had our reservations and so we just continued.

The food was something I thought would be unforgettable but I guess they only served common food in the Philippines, those which are really common in buffets like this. There were Filipino Food such as Binignit for desserts and some puto kutsinta as well as pichi pichi. The viands includes Fish Fillets, Grilled Chicken, some one who like noodles will love their pancit palabok as you have your freedom of making it yourself.

The food was okay however, what ruined the night was the pack of nursing students seated next to our table who were really noisy and didn't really care that they have room mates inside the restaurant, yes there were rooms and we were located at the upper left room in the second floor.

Nevertheless, we still made sure to document the night as it was part of my birthday celebration. Still I am thankful that God has given me another year to remember and another chance to be better than what I was yesterday.

Enjoy the video!

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