[bitLanders Tips & Tutorial] How to dress your avatar?

Uploaded on Wednesday 23 November 2016


In bitLanders tips and tutorial video before, I have shared a video about how to change your avatar, and on video this time I will share video tutorial about how to dress your avatar.

One of bitLanders feature that I like is that you can dress your avatar to your heart's content. You can buy oufits and accessories for your avatar in the bitLanders shop. And of course you have to have the gems to buy them, although there are some free outfits. To see more detail, you can watch the video tutorial above.

In certain events, bitLanders usually will release a new clothing according with the event. For example this month, bitLanders has released clothing with thanksgiving theme along with its accessories. Actually you can submit request to bitLanders team if you want special outfits for your avatar, you can contact via e-mail to .

And if the inventory to store your avatar outfits is full, you can add 6 slot again which paid with gems. The price is varies, but for the first purchase it cost 5 gems.

That's it for bitLanders tips and tutorial about how to dress your avatar. I hope this video tutorial is easy to understand and clear enough to be applied.

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