Blind Luck

Uploaded on Friday 11 January 2013


A seeing eye dog must choose between his owner and his favorite toy.

This was my final student film at Sheridan college. It took 8 months to make. The entire film was handrawn in pencil, scanned, coloured digitally, and composited by me. The music is by Bruno Degazio.


Language: Silent

Length: 1:35

Country: Canada


  • mauryr

    Absolutely stunning work. I love the way you employed depth of field and the overall quality of the animation, subbed you and waiting for more!

  • LrY

    Thanks, I love the hand drawn style, the raw effect is great instead of the usual polished and digital drawings =)

  • diane-aarts

    @LrY Drawn on paper with pencil, it was coloured in digicel flipbook and composited together in adobe after effects + premiere.

  • LrY

    beautiful animation Diane, may I ask you what software did you use to draw it?